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Diarcy Technologies is an engineering services firm with extensive experience in consumer/commercial applications. We have several years of experience working with consumer/commercial contracts, providing a full range of services including electronic product design and build, hardware enhancement and re-design, system integration, software design, training and consulting. We are an outsource resource for electronic product manufacturers seeking extremely high-tech design assistance.

Our focus is on helping our clients lower their risk by providing expertise in product design and development, resulting in an accelerated time-to-market for their product announcement and delivery. We accomplish this by being a “flex-force” technical resource that can come in, do the technical work, and get out fast so they can meet their overall project schedules, and create a product with superior technology than the competition. A partial list of our capabilities is listed below. You are encouraged to contact us to discuss your application.

Wireless Products and Designs

We have designed wireless products for data communications, asset tracking, inventory control, and personnel/security monitoring systems. Our services have included all aspects of product design, from innovative antenna designs to RF processing chains to data modulators/demodulators to data processing and display. We can produce custom products and designs for your specific wireless application.
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RF Products and Designs

We have designed RF products and assemblies for receiver, transmitter, and RF signal processing applications. Our expertise includes low-frequency processing chains, high-frequency front-ends conversion systems, low-noise amplifier design, and overall RF system design. We can produce custom products and designs to meet your specific RF requirements.
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Microwave Products and Designs

We have designed microwave products and systems from 2 GHz to 18 GHz and beyond. Our expertise includes up/down-conversion systems, gain and signal conditioning chains, switching systems, and waveform synthesis. Our experience also includes the 35 GHz and 94 GHz frequency bands. Whether your requirements involve communications, radar, high-speed data access, or test and measurement, we can produce custom products and systems to meet your specific requirements.
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Antenna Design

Complementing our wireless, RF and microwave capabilities, we have expertise in antenna design for all applications. For receiver and lower-powered transmitter applications, printed or wire-type geometries are recommended. For higher-powered transmitter applications, waveguide/horn geometries become the antennas of choice. When needed, we use advanced computational techniques to aid in the antenna design. Our expertise in this area will ensure that your entire wireless, RF or microwave system will perform to your specifications.
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High Speed Digital

As the digital technology continues to move to faster and faster clock rates and rise-times, special RF techniques need to be applied to this technology. Our RF and microwave expertise can aid in solving many of these high-speed problems. Techniques include impedance matching, pulse/waveform conditioning, and cross-talk reduction techniques.
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Low-noise Analog

In any wireless, RF or microwave communications receiver, to obtain maximum sensitivity and maintain proper signal-to-noise ratios, low-noise analog techniques must be considered. Our expertise in low-noise analog techniques will ensure that your product design or system requirements are met.
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Test and Measurement

We have expertise in all aspects of test and measurement: from DC to light. Test and measurement systems and instrumentation systems can be custom designed for your specific needs. From board-level functional test systems to turn-key production systems, we can instrument and configure a system for your testing needs. Test systems include off-the-shelf instrumentation, custom instrumentation, and custom software control.
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Electronic Measurement

We have expertise in all aspects of electronic measurement including high-speed digital, low-noise analog, wireless, RF/microwave, antennas and propagation, and electronic material characterization. For custom measurement applications, we can design and manufacture an instrument to meet your measurement needs. Typical data interfaces include PC-busses, serial (RS-232, USB, etc.) and parallel ports; Instrumentation busses include GPIB, HPIB, and USB; and custom and specialty interfaces include wireless, RF, microwave, infrared links, I2C, SPI Bus, and more.
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Automated Process Control

Whether you are trying to automate routine tasks or optimize a production process, our expertise in automated computer processing and control can increase your process efficiency. We can produce custom software programs and algorithms to increase your throughput and improve the quality control on your product or process.
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We have designed software systems at all different levels. From low-level firmware design for custom hardware control applications such as digital signal processors (DSPs) to high-level Microsoft Windows-based graphical interface design for custom applications. Our programming skills include hardware native languages, assembly level programming, C programming language, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual C/C++, Matlab scripts, Hewlett-Packard VEE, and National Instruments LabView and LabWindows.
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