Diarcy Technologies

Our Capabilities
Diarcy Technologies has expertise in a wide variety of electronic products in commercial, industrial and defense applications, including RF / microwave, communications and consumer electronics. Services include electronic product design, software development, mechanical design and build, and electronic hardware design and build.

Consumer / Commercial Applications

Wireless Products and Design RF Products and Design
Microwave Products and Design Antenna Design
High Speed Digital Low-noise Analog
Test and Measurement Electronic Measurement
Automated Process Control Software

Military / Defense Applications

Laboratory Radar Simulators Airborne Radar Emitters
Airborne Radar Data Recorders Airborne Multiple Input Digital Recorders
Electronic Warfare Test and Measurement Electronic Warfare Active Decoys
EW Frequency-Tailored Passive Decoys Electronic Warfare Passive Targets
Microwave Signature Control Radar Cross Section Backscatter Control
Radar Analyses Antenna Design


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