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Diarcy Technologies is an engineering services firm with extensive experience in military/defense applications. We have over 20 years of experience working with defense contracts, providing a full range of services including electronic product design and build, hardware enhancement and re-design, system integration, software design, training and consulting. We are an outsource resource for military electronic product manufacturers seeking extremely high-tech design assistance.

Our focus is on helping our clients lower their risk by providing expertise in product design and development, resulting in an accelerated time-to-market for their product announcement and delivery. We accomplish this by being a "flex-force" technical resource that can come in, do the technical work, and get out fast so they can meet their overall project schedules, and create a product with superior technology than the competition. A partial list of our capabilities is listed below. You are encouraged to contact us to discuss your application.

F-18 Aircraft

Laboratory Radar Simulators

We have designed laboratory radar signal simulators for testing electronic warfare systems. These systems produce low-power modulated RF signals to be used as signal sources for testing electronic warfare systems in a laboratory environment. These signals can also include interference and jamming signals to better simulate real world conditions.
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Airborne Radar Emitters

We have designed airborne radar signal simulators for testing electronic warfare systems. These rugged systems produce high-power RF modulated signals to be used as signal sources for testing electronic warfare components in engagement environments.
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X-29 Aircraft

Airborne Radar Data Recorders

We manufacture an airborne radar recorder that is capable of measuring various radar characteristics such as pulse width, pulse repetition interval, frequency, pulse amplitude, plus other analog and digital data. All data is time-stamped by a time code generator so that post-analyses may be made.
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Airborne Multiple Input Digital Recorders

We manufacture a series of general purpose digital recorders that are capable of storing data up to a 10 MByte per second rate. These recorders can be tailored to your recording needs. Our value-added engineering services can optimize the formatting of your data to maximize the data throughput without compromising data integrity.
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X-31/F-18 Aircraft

Electronic Warfare Test and Measurement

We have expertise in all aspects of test and measurement: from DC to light. Test and measurement systems and instrumentation systems can be custom designed for your specific needs. From line replaceable units (LRU) to top-level electronic warfare systems, we can instrument and configure a system for your needs. Laboratory test systems include off-the-shelf instrumentation and custom software control. Airborne test systems include custom instrumentation and custom software control.
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Electronic Warfare Active Decoys

We have designed various active decoys for use in countermeasure applications. These microwave jammers and repeaters can be designed to have wide or narrow bandwidths. Output power and lifetime is limited by current MMIC technology and battery technology.
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YF-23 Aircraft

EW Frequency-Tailored Passive Decoys

We have designed frequency tailored passive decoys for use in countermeasures applications. These decoys have metallic coatings on dielectric substrates to produce the desired frequency tailored radar cross section signature. Applications include low-observables and sub-scales.
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Electronic Warfare Passive Targets

We have designed planar targets for use in beaconing or signature enhancement applications. These targets can be rigid structures or inflatables. Applications include exo-atmospheric target masking, radar ground clutter enhancement, or shipboard countermeasure systems.
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YF-22 Aircraft

Microwave Signature Control

We have expertise in microwave material selection and coatings for either enhanced- or reduced-signature control. We can custom design systems for use in decoy applications, radar masking, or clutter enhancement. Advanced research areas include passive modulated scattering techniques applied to electronic warfare applications.
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Radar Cross Section Backscatter Control

We have expertise in predicting radar cross section of objects and designing objects to enhance or reduce radar backscatter signatures. These objects can be used in various applications including passive decoys, passive targets, camouflage, and countermeasure applications.
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SR-71 Aircraft

Radar Analyses

We have done numerous studies on various radar system designs to investigate their effectiveness in electronic warfare environments. Studies have been made on Impulse Radars, Low Probability of Detection Radars, Monopulse Radars, plus numerous other radar systems. This included computer modeling and laboratory validation.
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Antenna Design

Complementing our emitter and active decoy capabilities, we have expertise in antenna design for all applications. For receiver and lower-powered transmitter applications, printed or wire-type geometries are recommended. For higher-powered transmitter applications, waveguide/horn geometries become the antennas of choice. When needed, we use advanced computational techniques to aid in the antenna design. Our expertise in this area will ensure that your entire electronic warfare system will perform to your specifications.
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SR-71 Aircraft


We have designed software systems at all different levels. From low-level firmware design for custom hardware control applications such as digital signal processors (DSPs) to high-level Microsoft Windows-based graphical interface design for custom applications. Our programming skills include hardware native languages, assembly level programming, C programming language, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual C/C++, Matlab scripts, Hewlett-Packard VEE, and National Instruments LabView and LabWindows.
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