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Diarcy Technologies
Diarcy Technologies is an engineering services firm and an electronic product manufacturer of high-tech custom electronic designs. As an engineering service firm, we provide an outsource resource for electronic product manufacturers or system integrators seeking extremely high-tech design assistance. Our focus is on helping our clients lower their risk by providing expertise in product design and development, resulting in an accelerated time-to-market for their product announcement and delivery.

Our customers are high-tech manufacturers in the industrial/commercial and defense sectors that are interested in beating the competition both technically and in terms of time. Clients are typically dealing with highly technical data and equipment that is very expensive, and they run a huge risk of failure if it is not designed and produced correctly, and on time. Diarcy's role is to ensure success for these products.

Diarcy Technologies, founded by Al Cuevas, Ph.D., has a wide-range of product design experience. With expertise in RF Circuit Design and Digital Electronics, Diarcy Technologies has been very successful in the marriage of the two disciplines. This has resulted in the design of many new and innovative products. We continue to help our clients turn their product ideas into real products.

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Electronic Product Design
Cellular Product Design
Reverse Engineering
Wireless and RF Product Design
Antenna Design and Analysis
Microcontroller Embedded Design
Analytical Software Development

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  Electronic Product Design Services  
Power Supply Designs
Digital Designs
Analog Designs
RF Designs
Microwave Designs
Software Designs
Firmware Designs

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  Reverse Engineering Services  
GPS Disciplined Sources
Frequency Standards
RF Data Recorders
Digital Data Recorders
I/Q Data Recorders
Cellular Instrumentation
Wide–band Frequency Synthesizers

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  Electronic Products and Instrumentation  


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