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Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering is the process of analyzing an electronic product to see how it was designed or how it operates. In addition to understanding how the electronic product operates, the process of Reverse Engineering is also an effective way to learn the weaknesses of an electronic product so that a newer design can make improvements on it.

Diarcy Technologies has over 38-years of expertise in all electronic disciplines and we can help you understand your electronic product better. We are able to Reverse Engineer all types of electronic designs that include power, digital, analog, radio frequency (RF), microwave, software, and firmware designs. Through this Reverse Engineering process, we can identify weaknesses in terms of performance, security, and interoperability. We can identify what works and what does not work in your design so improvements can be made.

Reverse Engineering services usually arise when key engineering personnel have left the project or have retired or left the company. Many times, companies have inherited products or designs from previous generations that may still be in production, but are unable to make any improvements because they do not fully understand how it works.

Diarcy Technologies has the expertise and skills to Reverse Engineer a wide-range of electronic products. With our fully equipped electronic laboratory, we can stimulate and monitor your electronic product to see the response. Our findings can be documented in a report or we can, in turn, build upon and design a better electronic product for you.

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