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Diarcy Technologies is pleased to announce our low-cost, highly accurate Frequency Sources and Standands, our GSM/Cellular Receivers and Scanners, our RF and Digital Data Recorders, and our series of Specialty Products. We are constantly upgrading this web page to include additional information. If you require immediate assistance, please contact us.

  Frequency Sources &  
  Frequency Standards  

  RF & Digital  
  Data Recorders  

10 MHz Frequency Standard, GPS Disciplined
Frequency Standard (4 MHz to 35 MHz), GPS Disciplined
10 MHz Frequency Standard, GPS Calibrated
Frequency Standard (4 MHz to 35 MHz), GPS Calibrated
Application Note
Specifications and User Manual

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  Frequency Sources & Frequency Standards  
GSM Data Recorder
PCS Data Recorder
UMTS Data Recorder
LTE Data Recorder
Wide–Band RF Data Recorder
Digital Data Recorder, High Performance
Digital Data Recorder, Miniature
Audio Data Recorder, Miniature
Digital Data Logger

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  RF & Digital Data Recorders  

Specialty Products

  • Wideband RF Synthesizer, 35 MHz to 4400 MHz
  • Precision Stabilized Clocks with I/Q Outputs
  • Embedded GPS Position/Timing Solutions
  • Embedded Graphic LCD Solutions


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