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Data Recorders
Diarcy Technologies is pleased to announce the pre-production line of our RF Data Recorders and Digital Data Recorders. These devices intercept, capture, and sample RF and Digital signals and send them to the PC for data analysis. The RF Data Recorders have been used by our customers to capture Cellular Telephone Signals (GSM, PCS, UMTS, LTE) to analyze Cellular Traffic and Interference. Other uses include monitoring Radar and Communications Signatures for Intelligence gathering. The Digital Data Recorders are typically used to monitor multiple I/O signals where ordinary bench type test equipment cannot be used. Both products can be configured for your particular needs.

Cellular Products

These RF Receivers and RF Scanners are designed detect and measure RF power levels for specific Cellular GSM/PCS channels; or detect and measure RF power levels in a given bandwidth (typically 200 kHz for GSM applications). At each specific measurement data point, the measurement time and user's position are recorded with GPS-accuracy for display and/or processing on the PC. Connection to the PC is through a high-speed USB 2.0 data port.

Typical frequency bands include (Uplink/Downlink Pairs):
(Band I, UMTS): 1920-1980 MHz; 2110-2170 MHz
(Band II, PCS): 1850-1910 MHz; 1930-1990 MHz
(Band III, DCS): 1710-1785 MHz; 1805-1880 MHz
(Band IV): 1710-1755 MHz; 2110-2155 MHz
(Band V, GSM): 824-849 MHz; 869-894 MHz
(Band VI): 830-840 MHz; 875-885 MHz
(Band VII): 2500-2570 MHz; 2620-2690 MHz
(Band VIII, E-GSM): 880-915 MHz; 925-960 MHz
(Band XII): 699-716 MHz; 729-746 MHz
(Band XIII): 777-787 MHz; 746-756 MHz
(Band XIV): 788-798 MHz; 758-768 MHz
Other frequency bands can be designed for your specific needs.
  • GSM/E-GSM Receiver -- BSIC/BCCH Decoding, Correlated Power Measurement
  • PCS/DCS Receiver -- BSIC/BCCH Decoding, Correlated Power Measurement
  • GSM/E-GSM Scanner -- FCCH Detection or Power in 200 kHz Bandwidth
  • PCS/DCS Scanner -- FCCH Detection Power in 200 kHz Bandwidth
  • UMTS Scanner -- Power in specific Bandwidth
  • W-CDMA Scanner -- Power in specific Bandwidth
  • Wireless LAN Scanner -- Power in specific Bandwidth

Digital Data Recorders

  • Wide–Band RF Data Recorder
  • Digital Data Recorder, High Performance
  • Digital Data Recorder, Miniature
  • Audio Data Recorder, Miniature
  • Digital Data Logger


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