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Development Process
Diarcy Technologies conforms to a strict design process. We believe that this will result in achieving a quality product or service within budget and on schedule with little or no errors. Our process ensures you will receive an outstanding value.

Our procedures are flexible. We use simple procedures for simple projects, and very thorough procedures and documentation standards for large or complex projects. Below is a summary of our full project methodology for complex projects. We tailor our services to the customer's needs and budget.

Project Methodology

Our process consists of seven major phases. By following this process, we feel this will result in the delivery of a Product that meets your needs. Both technical and management related issues are addressed in this process.

We continually monitor our internal processes. We encourage our employees to make suggestions to their management and to their co-workers. When needed, the modified processes are documented so that repeat errors are eliminated.
  1. Project Resource Assignment

    We believe that it is important to retain key personnel throughout the life of the project so that consistent communication is maintained between you and Diarcy Technologies. Key personnel include the program manager and the system engineer. Engineering resources are added to the development team and removed from the development team as required by the task.
  2. Project Plan

    The second phase of our process involves the development of a project plan. The Diarcy Technologies program manager documents the overall project schedule and resources based on the tasks defined by the system engineer. Updated business and technical milestones are transmitted to you if changes have occurred since the proposal was written. This plan contains a schedule that is maintained by the program manager and is transmitted to you on a regular basis.
  3. System Requirements Document

    The first formal technical document delivered to you is the system requirements document. This document contains the specifications and requirements needed by the Product. It does not describe how the design will be done -- it describes the requirements for the design. In essence, it is a development plan. Diarcy Technologies advocates using this technical plan. We know from experience that if requirements and specifications are not captured in some manner, this will result in cost, schedule and performance problems later in the program life.
  4. Customer Reviews

    Diarcy Technologies prefers to operate in a partnership relationship rather than the typical adversarial contractor/subcontractor relationship. As such, we consider you to be a partner with us to develop the Product.

    The customer reviews allow you to monitor our progress and allow us to report any problems encountered. The reviews occur nominally on a quarterly basis but can occur any time either party feels it is necessary to exchange information.
  5. Detailed Design

    The fifth phase of our process is to commence on the Product's detailed design (since up to this point, little or no circuit design has occurred nor has any lines of code been written). This is, by far, the easiest step in our process -- all other issues have already been previously addressed in the design reviews and the system requirements document.

    This phase is simply an implementation of the requirements already set forth earlier. All interfaces are known and it is a simple matter of designing each sub-assembly to meet its own specifications.

    If any unforeseen issues arise at this stage, the system requirements document is again updated and you are informed on any interface changes. An informal review may be necessary if the changes are deemed significant. At that time, any cost, schedule and performance issues will also be addressed.
  6. Acceptance

    The final process immediately before product delivery is acceptance. This process follows an approved Acceptance Test Plan presented in the critical design review.

    Diarcy Technologies will have a quality representative available for witness and review of this process. Your inspectors are encouraged to witness this event. At completion, the Diarcy Technologies' quality representative will place a seal on the product. The product is now considered to be accepted by you and enters the warranty phase.
  7. Warranty and Support

    Diarcy Technologies takes pride in the products delivered to its customers. For most products developed fully by us, we offer a limited one-year warranty. During that time, if any problems arise that result from design errors on our part we will fix and repair the Product to meet the original specifications.

    For service-related work, we offer a 90-day limited service warranty, which includes telephone support for one year.

    In both cases, we will furnish you with specific warranty information.
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