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What We Do

Turn your ideas into products

Our primary function is to design electronic products. We have a broad electronic product development background that covers frequency ranges from DC through 6 GHz. We work with various vendors to ensure product selection is available now and will be available through your production cycle. We have established many relationships that can take your product completely though production.

Get your product to market, provide ongoing engineering support services

Our services do not end when the prototype is complete. We work with vendors and subcontractors to ensure the design is manufactured to your specifications. If problems arise after the product is fielded, we are available to provide engineering services to restore the design functionality. Our project files are kept for a minimum of five years so that you can come back to us for product enhancements or modifications.

Troubleshoot existing electronic product designs

Diarcy Technologies has successfully helped a number of clients resolve design problems in which the product was in the prototype state or already in production. Sometimes small design changes can fix problems which cause the manufacturing line to stop or to improve the product's ability to meet a specification.

Provide “as-needed” services to help an overworked engineering staff

Many times all you need is a bit of extra help to meet deadlines. Diarcy Technologies works with your engineers to provide assistance in electronic design and test, software and firmware development, and documenting the design to your standards.

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